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Sunset Cruise

There’s nothing as picturesque as a Goa sunset. Songs and poetry have been written about it; people have used it as the backdrop of wedding proposals; and it has been the pivotal setting for many a movie. So why not take it all in from the Solita, as you cruise through the sunset in good company, with the additional charm of the sea breeze and pink-hued skies bringing out the best in the evening. To add to the charm, the yacht’s trained bar staff will whip up cocktails to accompany some fabulous Goan fare, that can be devoured, as a canopy of a star-filled sky gently takes over the landscape.

Backwater Cruise

Backwaters – The hidden gem of Goa , is a must cruise for all tourists arriving in Goa.

This magnificent cruise gives a sailing tour of the Mandovi lined banks, Old Goa, and also gives a glimpse of the Chorao and Divar while in Goa.

“The Solita” cruises through the wildlife which is a treat to the eyes & specially the photographers.

This tour gives a chance to enjoy a relaxing time over the silent water with your family and friends.

Starrynight Cruise

This cruise would seem to be the perfect place to do some stargazing. 

Be it a nice quiet cruise gazing into the starry night sky or during special astronomical events, it will be blissful.

Plan your cruise around the lunar cycle for some special treats & moments. Astronomical calendars will help you know about upcoming notable astronomical events like meteor showers (and eclipses, which planets you might see and which bright stars might appear near the moon during your cruise.

Dolphin Discovery

There’s nothing quite as calming as endearing as spotting the friendliest fish in the sea: the humpbacked dolphin. Allow us to take you on a soothing morning cruise, which keeps an eye out for these majestic mammals which in turn, accompany and keep pace with the Solita as it coasts along the golden beaches of Candolim, Calangute and Baga. A light lunch awaits you, to round off a memorable morning, but not before the yacht drops anchor in a quiet cove so that anyone on board can dive into the pristine waters for a little dip.

Birdwatching Cruise

The estuarine mangrove-habitat along the sleepy island of Chorao has long played host to the Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. The 440 acre-large space is a great location to spy on waders and aquatic birds grabbing a snack. From cormorants drying their feathers, to fishing eagles circling the skies, no ornithological discovery seems out of place here. Take a leaf out of the White-Breasted Kingfisher’s book, as it perches on a comfortable branch, and lounge about on the Solita’s deck, as you embark upon a bird-watching expedition like no other.

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Go Your Own Way!

For those who have a plan of their very own, the Solita crew is always happy to make things happen. You are at liberty to design your very own cruise itinerary to suit you, and we will be happy to take your suggestions to create an experience that is your very own.